MCT Powder 750 g (50 servings) by Metagenics

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MCT Powder from Metagenics is a dietary supplement designed to potentially increase ketone production as an alternate energy source in brain and muscle tissue, as well as support healthy cognitive function. The medium chain triglycerides (MCT), comprised of 90% caprylic+capric acid triglycerides, contained in MCT Powder from Metagenics, have also been shown to be effective at helping to reduce body fat and body weight, especially in those individuals having an increased BMI (body mass index). This supplement is presented in a convenient, easy to absorb form, a powder that is mixed into hot or cold beverages or used in recipes requiring baking.

Individuals who incorporate MCT powder by Metagencis into their nutritional program on a daily basis may expect to receive numerous important health benefits:

  • Supports healthy brain and cognitive function.
  • Promotes an increase in the body's ketone levels to serve as an alternate source of energy for brain and muscular function.
  • Aids in fat loss and overall reduction of body weight.
  • Aids in increasing feelings of satiety after eating in order to reduce the amount of food and calorie intake.
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Powder (750 g)