Mastic Gum/DGL 60 chew wafers by Klaire Labs

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The Mastic Gum/DGL by Klaire Labs helps to relieve the symptoms associated with digestive pain. This all-natural herbal supplement provides digestive aid from a tree source found in Turkey and Greece. The Mastic Gum/DGL by Klaire Labs is composed of volatile oils and resinous gums that:

ƒ?› Has been utilized as a digestive aid for centuries
ƒ?› Aids the body in getting gastrointestinal benefits from unique nutrients
ƒ?› Contains antioxidants that can promote optimal health
ƒ?› Has been effective at helping to relive painful stomach issues

The Mastic Gum/DGL by Klaire Labs is an herbal treatment for optimal oral health. This all-natural supplement has been an effective aid for digestive health for over 2,500 years. The Mastic Gum/DGL by Complementary Prescriptions is a gluten-free aid that can impact stomach acid levels and help to better protect the stomach lining and the GI tract. One added benefit is that the natural ingredients can reduce bad breath.

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60 tabs