Mag-Malate 90 tabs by Douglas Labs

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Individuals who experience chronic lack of energy as well as muscle weakness can benefit from Mag-Malate by Douglas Labs. Mag-Malate is a dietary supplement created by Douglas Labs to provide the body with two key nutrients involved in the production of energy, malic acid and magnesium. Mag-Malate by Douglas Labs is formulated to be easily tolerated by the body for optimum absorption. Although magnesium and malic acid are available in such foods as fruits, most individuals can easily become deficient in these essential nutrients due to unwise dietary choices.

By adding Mag-Malate by Douglas Labs to an individual's daily health regimen, there are certain key health benefits that are provided:

  • Helps prevent those diseases associated with stress and aging.
  • Aids in strengthening muscles and eliminating pain, fatigue and lack of energy in accomplishing daily tasks.
  • Assists in the enzymatic actions in the body that produce energy as needed.
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90 tabs