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Mag L-Threonate from Metagenics is a dietary supplement designed to support healthy cognitive function. As an increasing number of individuals experience a decrease in their cognitive skills and are diagnosed with such neurological conditions as Alzheimer's Disease as they begin to age, more studies have been done on what can be done to maintain brain health and prevent cognitive impairment. One important study in particular shows that elevating brain magnesium by adding it to the diet in the form of magnesium L-threonate may actually have a positive impact on brain synapses in addition to helping regenerate brain cells to more youthful conditions.

The key ingredient featured in Mag L-Threonate by Metagenics is magnesium L-threonate. This form of magnesium not only aids cognitive function by binding to neurotransmitter receptors in the brain but also serving as a co-factor for neuronal enzymes. As individuals are living longer, inhibiting cognitive impairment has become a key health goal for many people over the age of 50. As the body ages, it naturally loses magnesium, making it critical to obtain this vital nutrient in supplement form as millions of people don't get enough from the foods they include in their daily diets.

Men and women who add Mag L-Threonate from Metagenics to the list of dietary supplements they include in their daily nutritional regimen may expect to experience several key health benefits:

  • Supports cognitive health.
  • Aids in preventing cognitive decline due to aging.
  • May aid in reversing memory decline.
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