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Lithium Organic 30mg by Priority One Vitamins is a dietary supplement designed to support healthy neurological function. The main ingredient featured in Lithium Organic 30mg by Priority One Vitamins is lithium orotate carbonate, the mineral lithium bound to orotic acid for more effective absorption into the system. Lithium is a vital trace mineral with a proven relationship to good mental health and proven efficacy against such brain issues as bipolar disorder. Lithium has a positive effect on neurotransmitter balance that helps to reduce the risk of mental health problems and the brain dysfunctions that result in such symptoms as mood swings, volatile behavior and depression.

Men and women who take Lithium Organic 30mg by Priority One Vitamins on a regular basis as directed can expect to enjoy several key health benefits:

  • Supports healthy brain function.
  • Promotes a balance of neurons and neurotransmitters within the brain influencing mood stability.
  • Aids in normal production of red blood cells.
  • Reduces the risk of extreme emotions and depression.
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