Liquid Carnitine-Plus 12 oz by Geronova Research

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Carnitine is an essential nutrient usually found in the muscle, liver and kidneys of vertebrates. Supplemental forms of it are derived from amino acids. For example, L-carnitine is derived from lysine and methionine. Geronova Research understands that some people do not have enough carnitine in their bodies - their bodies produce too little or they have a medical condition or take medication that rapidly reduces carnitine levels. Liquid Carnitine-Plus by Geronova Research combines active, stable forms of L-carnitine and Carnitine orotate to provide a wide range of healthy body benefits:

  • Liquid Carnitine-Plus by Geronova Research helps convert fat in muscles into energy.
  • It supports optimal muscle, heart and skeletal function, and it aids the reproduction of certain cells including liver cells.
  • It may help the body with absorbing and metabolizing other nutrients.
  • Liquid Carnitine-Plus is absorbed by the body faster than other types of carnitine supplements.
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