Liposomal C 4 fl oz by Tonicsea

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Liposomal C from TonicSea is a liquid dietary supplement that delivers pure Vitamin C in order to support healthy immune system function, reduce oxidative stress from free radicals, and promote healthy cognitive function. Liposomal C by TonicSea uses liposomal technology as a means of delivering pure ascorbic acid to the body in a form that is bioavailable and more easily absorbed. An increasing number of individuals are deficient in Vitamin C due to poor dietary choices, increasing their risk for mood disorders, depression, neurodegeneration and weakened cognitive function.

Liposomal C by TonicSea is an excellent supplement choice for individuals whose diets don't include enough fresh fruits and vegetables, and who want to experience the following key benefits that contribute to good health:

  • Supports optimal immune system response to lower the risk of disease.
  • Helps regulate oxidative stress by protecting cell membranes from free radical damage.
  • Supports healthy brain and cognitive function.
  • Lowers the risk of depression and fluctuations in mood.
  • Supports healthy cortisol balance.
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4 fl. oz.