Baby's Big Support 4.3 oz by Jarrow Formulas

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During in-utero and up to 2 years old (First 1,000 Days from conception), growth and development, especially of the brain, occur rapidly. Nutrition during this period can have life-long health effects.

Babys BIG Support is a novel combination of complex milk lipids, prebiotics, and lactoferrin, which are mostly lacking in infant formulas, to support Brain, Immune and Gut development.

Brain phospholipids, ceramides and gangliosides support accelerated brain growth and cognitive development.
Immune lactoferrin, 2-FL and Bimuno GOS promote beneficial bifidobacteria in the gut to support healthy immune development.
Gut lactoferrin, 2-FL, Bimuno GOS, and gangliosides help shape a healthy infant gut microbiota to support gut maturation.

Heat Sensitive Product
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4.3 oz (123 g) powder