Immuno-DMG 90 vtabs by Davinci Labs

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The Immuno-DMG by Davinci Labs is an all-natural supplement that effectively supports the health of the overall immune system. This dietary supplement blends larch tree and N-dimethylglycine, two powerful nutrients, for supporting a healthier immune cell production. The Immuno-DMG by Davinci Labs contains zinc, vitamins C and E, and purified d-fraction that:

• Strengthen the immune system to fight off potential illnesses
• Promotes an increased resistance to any invading microorganisms
• Helps with lymphocyte and antibody production
• Works at helping the body to inhibit unhealthy cell replication

The Immuno-DMG by Davinci Labs promotes the activation of T-cells and B-cells. These easy to swallow tablets work as the first line of defense in your body against natural killer cells and macrophages. The Immuno-DMG by Davinci Labs is a comprehensive immune system supplement contains comprehensive immune system nutrients. Derived from yeast and made from the cell walls of the baker's yeast and purified of any allergenic compounds.

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90 vtabs