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Herb Pharm Hydrangea 4 oz herbal supplement is ideal for urinary tract conditions. The most common use is for bladder infections. Other infections that can be treated by hydrangea extract include urethra and prostate. Hydrangea extract has also been used to treat enlarged prostrates and kidney stones.

Our hydrangea extract is made from the root of the plant. No other part of the plant may be consumed. Over the years, it has been discovered that the root extract is most effective when harvested in the fall. We hand pick our hydrangea roots by hand, dry the roots in the shade, and then extract the root compounds. We use only hydrangea root that is grown in its natural habitat.

Customers can rest assured that our hydrangea 4 oz supplement is all natural as the only ingredients are distilled water, organic alcohol, & hydrangea extract. For those watching their gluten intake, our hydrangea root extract is gluten-free.

Herb Pharm recommends using a maximum of 40 drops in 2 oz of juice or water about two or four times daily. Users of this product have observed that it is best to take the product between meals.

As with most medicines, we recommend keeping this product away from children, light, and heat.

For those interested in the history of hydrangea extract use, the plant is native to North America, Asia, and South America. The North Americans and Chinese have used hydrangea for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years.

You can buy this product in select stores or on our website. Just look for the Herb Pharm label that says whole root hydrangea urinary system restoration.

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