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Horsetail is a liquid herbal extract offered by Herb Pharm, derived from a plant that has been used for many centuries. This Horsetail extract is created by gathering fresh and undried Equisetaceae plants during the height of their growing season every spring. The hand harvesting of very young plants that are succulent and fresh is followed by a meticulous extraction process to ensure that Herb Pharms Horsetail product contains only the best bioactive compounds.

Horsetail extract is rich in a substance known as silica, which may be used by the body to potentially repairing bones and certain body tissues. Silica may also assist the body in storing more supplies of the calcium necessary for strong bones, which has made Horsetail a popular natural dietary supplement for individuals who may be suffering from osteoporosis. Horsetail by Herb Pharm is also recognized as an effective natural supplement for potentially helping anemia of the blood and a feeling of overall weakness. Horsetail by Herb Pharm has also been shown to be effective in potentially helping respiratory ailments.

Because Horsetail extract by Herb Pharm is naturally astringent, it may be served as a diuretic. Many individuals use it to help potentially combat urinary tract infections, either as a single extract or blended with other natural herbs.

Men who suffer from enlargement of the prostate gland NOT related to cancer may use Horsetail by Herb Pharm to help possibly eliminate or reduce the severity of this problem, as well as taking Horsetail for potential fast relief from the pain of kidney stones.

Because Horsetail by Herb Pharm has been shown to have a healing effect on the urinary tract system, many parents find it is a helpful natural remedy to potential help children who are frequent bed-wetters. Women who suffer bouts of cystitis may find that after taking Horsetail extract by Herb Pharm on a regular basis, their episodes of urinary tract infection may become less and less frequent. Other applications for using Horsetail grom Herb Pharm include possibly reducing heavy menstrual bleeding and using it as a gargle to potentially ease sore throat and gum pain.

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