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Hops by Herb Pharm is a liquid herbal dietary supplement designed to promote relaxation and a calm nervous system. This is an ideal supplement choice for individuals who have trouble falling asleep and want a natural remedy for treating insomnia that doesn't result in after-morning grogginess. Herb Pharm creates the extract it uses in its Hops supplement rom the dried, lupulin-rich female flowers, known as strobili, of certified organically grown Humulus lupulus vines. The flowers are harvested by hand only when they have reached full maturity to ensure that the resulting extract contains a rich formula of bioactive compounds.

Individuals who take Hops from Herb Pharm on a daily basis as directed can expect to receive a variety of valuable health benefits:

  • Promotes a calm nervous system.
  • Aids in relaxing the mind.
  • Promotes the ability to fall asleep and enjoy a restful sleep.
  • Helps to improve the quality of sleep.
  • May help to alleviate the symptoms of menopause related to declining estrogen levels.
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