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Medical researchers believe that human tonsils, part of the lymphatic system, help fight off infection. As tonsils regularly come in contact with saliva, mucus, food debris, bacteria and viruses, they easily become inflamed or experience problems like tonsilloliths. GUNA-Tonsils 8 gms by Guna, Inc. provides temporary relief of symptoms related to the tonsils and surrounding structures, such as swelling, pain, sore throat and voice problems. GUNA-Tonsils 8 gms by Guna also contains ingredients designed to help these structures heal faster:

  • It offers Interleukin 11 for inflammation relief.
  • It also offers GCSF, Interleukin 23, Interleukin 4 and Japanese forest mushroom to strengthen immune system responses.
  • It helps detoxify the body with Angelica sinensis, Radix and offers antioxidant support with Ling Chi mushroom and Melatonin.
  • It contains Lymphatic gland and Spleen to build up infection resistance.
  • Lastly, GUNA-Tonsils 8 gms by Guna contains blood to promote recovery.
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