Glutamine Powder 300 gms by BioGenesis (DISCONTINUED)

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Glutamine Powder 300 gms is a dietary supplement that promotes gastrointestinal health. This BioGenesis product uses L-glutamine to strengthen the gastrointestinal lining and more.


  • The L-glutamine found in Glutamine Powder 300 gms helps to enhance the structural integrity of the bowels, which can alleviate symptoms associated with "leaky gut."
  • L-glutamine helps to promote protein synthesis, which enables the body to build and repair muscles.
  • L-glutamine provides energy to the immune system, so this BioGenesis product may help to enhance the body's immune response.
  • This supplement may also enhance overall energy levels.
Glutamine Powder 300 gms uses one of the key amino acids in the body to provide a wide variety of health benefits. It can improve the health of the immune system, the digestive system, and contributes to the body's ability to repair itself. This BioGenesis product is recommended for people who want to enhance their intestinal health. It is also ideal for bodybuilders, as L-glutamine can provide support after intense workouts.
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