Glutamine 500 mg 100 caps by Allergy Research Group (DISCONTINUED)

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Glutamine is an amino acid found in plant and animal proteins. Allergy Research Group offers this compound because it is conditionally essential for the body’s overall wellbeing and is needed in large amounts. As a dietary supplement, Glutamine 500 mg supports growth hormone production and gastrointestinal tract health. Additional benefits of Glutamine 500 mg include:

  • Easy assimilation by the body
  • Reduction of high levels of blood sugar
  • Helps with memory retention, concentration and focus
  • celerates metabolism
  • Aids with cellular detoxification
  • Supports muscle growth
  • Routine intake leads to easier bowel movements

Glutamine 500 mg provided by Allergy Research Group is formulated from the purest ingredients with hypoallergenic qualities for most effective results. It stimulates the recovery from any endurance exercises and muscle building regimens. In addition, it is recommended by Allergy Research Group because of its ability to expedite intestinal repair and healing along with formation of protective layer against any further damage.

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