Active Folate 90 vegcaps by Seroyal Genestra

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Active Folate 90 vegcaps by Seroyal Genestra is a dietary supplement containing a form of folate called metafolin. Folate has a myriad of health benefits including cell formation and growth. It also promotes brain and spinal health. This supplement maintains healthy levels of the amino acid called Homocysteine. A deficiency in folate may cause a spike in the level of this protein, which may cause damage or blood clotting in the blood vessels. It helps convert excess amounts of homocysteine into another amino acid called methionine, which promotes healthy liver. Methionine also helps wounds to heal rapidly.
Excess levels of homocysteine may be due to folate or vitamin B-12 deficiency; metafolin in this supplement does not mask if the underlying cause is the lack of vitamin B-12.
This product also contains cellulose and hypromellose. Cellulose helps to strengthen cell wall and aids digestion, while hypromellose promotes eye health by reducing the harmful effects of atmospheric conditions.

Active Folate 90 vegcaps by Seroyal Genestra provides the following benefits:

  • Promotes production of red and white blood cells
  • Maintains levels of homocysteine
  • Strengthens cell walls
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