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The gastromycin is an effective dietary supplement available at the Allergy Research Group, packed with supportive plant-based nutrients including bismuth salts and licorice. Taking three to four capsules per day with meals will ensure you get your recommended dosage of daily minerals and nutrients. Benefits of the gastromycin:

  • Contains a unique blending of different bismuth salts
  • The gastromycin available at Allergy Research Group is hypoallergenic
  • Combines microbial and fungal balancing extract
  • Traditional medicinal systems consider licorice to be a tonic plant
  • Free of many common allergens, artificial additives, and artificial preservatives
  • Promotes a healthier adrenal response

In addition to helping control and curb the appetite, the gastromycin available at Allergy Research Group supports a healthy stomach lining, lungs, and respiratory function. Other active ingredients include the citrus seed extract, activated charcoal, Aloe Vera concentrate, and golden-seal root-dried extract.

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