Fast & Be Clear 900 g by Allergy Research Group

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Detoxification and fasting is a great way for people to give their overworked digestive systems a much needed break. However, the body still craves vital nutrients during this time. Fast & Be Clear from Allergy Research Group helps the body maintain and improve antioxidant levels within the body. This is important to people who are detoxing their bodies because fasting can lead to a depletion of liver glutathione. Over time, this can reduce the ability of the body to destroy free radicals. People who want to detox their bodies in a healthy way could check out this gluten-free product from Allergy Research Group.

  • Fast & Be Clear contains vital nutrients such as alpha-lipoic acid, bioflavonoids, carotenoids, vitamin C and zinc to maintain healthy nutrient levels in the body during detoxification.
  • Allergy Research Group formulated this product to be hypoallergenic to further support detoxification.
  • This product contains high levels of bio-active food components to support the body during fasting.
  • Fast & Be Clear also increases the efficiency of macrophages and lymphocytes in the GI tract.
Heat Sensitive Product
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900 grams (31.7 oz) Powder