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The liquid herbal extract from Herb Pharm known as Eyebright is a respected natural treatment for many ailments related to the eyes, eyesight and vision. Eyebright extract is prepared by first harvesting Euphrasia officinalis plants in their fresh and undried state. Hand harvesting these plants when they are in full flower ensures that the bioactive compounds extracted will be of the freshest quality to produce a superior product.

As a member of the Figwort family of plants, Eyebright has a long history in herbal medicine of being used to remedy a number of common eye problems. These include eye inflammations, eyelid inflammations, pink eye or conjunctivitis, styes, bloodshot eyes, eye strain and cataracts. In addition, Eyebright 4 oz by Herb Pharm is used successfully by many individuals in treating a number of respiratory conditions, including seasonal allergies, colds, bronchial infections and sinusitis, largely due to its ability to decrease the amount of mucus and congestion. Those taking Eyebright on a regular basis often notice an improvement in memory, in addition to relief from such skin conditions as acne and stretch marks.

Although Eyebright can be applied topically, it is best taken internally over time as directed to effect the desired results for eye and vision problems. Many individuals make taking Eyebright extract part of their daily health ritual as a way to be proactive about preventing the progressively decreasing vision that often accompanies the aging process. Because Eyebright contains a complex number of ingredients, ranging from vitamins B, C and E to such substances as beta carotene, antioxidants and flavonoids, this variety of Herb Pharm extract is beneficial not only in promoting good eye health but also overall good health without the side effects associated with chemical pharmaceuticals.

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