Entero Concentrate 425 mg 90 caps by Progressive Labs

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The duodenum is located at the beginning of the small intestine closest to the stomach. This area controls when food materials are released from the stomach. It also performs chemical digestion via enzymes, bile and other substances to aid the process of nutrient absorption. Sometimes the duodenum can become blocked or experiences high acidity.

  • Progressive Labs created Entero Concentrate 425 mg, a duodenum concentrate derived from porcine, to help support the normal functioning of the duodenum and general gastrointestinal tract health.
  • This supplement may protect the stomach and duodenum mucosal linings from digestive enzymes and support normal mucosal functioning.
  • Entero Concentrate 425 mg by Progressive Labs decreases the overproduction of acid that can interfere with digestion and cause ulcers.
  • In supporting normal digestion, Entero Concentrate 425 mg by Progressive Labs may help prevent a partially blocked duodenum and related symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting and pain.
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