Whey Satisfied Natural Vanilla 510 g (18 oz) by Douglas Labs

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If you're struggling to meet your weight loss goals due to frequent hunger on a reduced-calorie diet, you may need some help managing your hunger hormones. Whey Satisfied Natural Vanilla 510 g (18 oz) by Douglas Labs helps to regulate ghrelin and leptin, the hormones responsible for hunger and feelings of satiety. Mixing one scoop of this vanilla spice flavored powder with water or milk 30 minutes before meals can help keep you feeling fuller for longer after your meals, making it easier to manage your weight. Douglas Labs' Whey Satisfied Natural Vanilla 510 g (18 oz) provides you with 10 g of protein, 500 mg of DNF-10 yeast hydrolysate, and 2.6 g of Sunfiber to help control ghrelin and leptin and do away with hunger pangs.

The benefits of using Whey Satisfied Natural Vanilla may include:

  • Support for weight management
  • Regulation of hunger hormones
  • Feeling more satisfied after meals
Heat Sensitive Product
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510 g (18 oz) powder