Thyro-Essentials 60 veg caps by Douglas Laboratories

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Thyro-Essentials from Douglas Laboratories is a dietary supplement designed to support thyroid health. It helps boost metabolism, controls hormone production, and regulates blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It is loaded with vitamins and nutrients to strengthen the immune system to resist illnesses. Ingredients include vitamin A for healthy eyes and strong bones, vitamin D3 to enhance calcium absorption, vitamin B12, which supports bone health and improves mood, and riboflavin to increase energy levels and oxygen circulation.

It also contains magnesium for biochemical reactions in the body, zinc for metabolism, selenium to promote brain and heart health, and manganese to regulate blood sugar levels. Other ingredients are the ashwagandha root extract to improve mood and sexual hormones in men, and L-Tyrosine to support neurological functions.

Thyro-Essentials by Douglas Laboratories improves overall health by providing the following possible benefits:

  • Builds immunity
  • Promotes eye and bone health
  • Helps to regulate blood cholesterol and blood sugar level
Heat Sensitive Product
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60 vegcaps