C8 Max MCT Powder 20 servings by Douglas Labs

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C8 Max MCT Powder 20 Servings by Douglas Labs is a dietary supplement that provides MCT fatty acids for weight, cognitive and nutritional support. This formula contains 98% C8 or caprylic acid triglycerides, which are better for ketone production.

Ketones are chemicals from the liver that are a source of energy when there isn't enough glucose. When consuming fewer carbs, ketones can serve as a source of energy that can be used to pass the blood-brain barrier, unlike fatty acids. C8 can promote energy levels while dieting and aid in the production of hormones that keep you feeling full. MCT has fewer calories than LCT or long-chain triglycerides like avocados and nuts. A single scoop a day will provide 10 g of C8 triglycerides per serving. C8 Max is a gluten-free, vegan powder that boosts ketone levels better than other MCT oil sources.

Douglas Labs C8 Max MCT Powder boosts ketone production to support weight and cognitive function.

  • Supports nutritional ketosis
  • Boosts cognitive performance
  • Helps maintain energy levels

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