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Dong Quai by Herb Pharm is a liquid herbal dietary supplement designed to support female reproductive system health. In liquid form, Dong Quai from Herb Pharm is absorbed rapidly into the system for optimal results. The extract featured in this supplement is prepared from the top-grade roots of Angelica sinensis plants traditionally grown in China, then harvested in autumn to ensure maximum potency of the plant's bioactive compounds. Although known as the female ginseng, this herb can also benefit men by enhancing their fertility. Because this herb contains Vitamin B12, biotin, folic acid, nicotinic acid and folinic acid, it serves as an excellent tonic to nourish the blood.

Individuals who take Dong Quai from Herb Pharm on a daily basis as directed can expect to enjoy a number of important health benefits:

  • Supports healthy functioning of the female reproductive system.
  • Helps to enhance male fertility.
  • Aids in balancing estrogen levels.
  • Helps replenish red blood cells and increase blood volume, especially following surgery or injury.
  • Helps prevent anemia and iron deficiency.
  • Alleviates cramps and PMS symptoms.
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