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DNZ-2 250 mg from Bio-Tech is a supplemental form of Dimethylaminoethanol and is also known as Deanol or DMAE. This naturally-occurring compound is found in foods like anchovies and sardines. DMAE is a precursor to the chemicals choline and acetylcholine. These chemicals are necessary for neurotransmission, cognition, and muscle contraction. Some studies show that DMAE might be more bio-available in the central nervous system than choline. DNZ-2 250 mg from Bio-Tech can improve mood and emotional well-being. It can also aid in increased memory and focus.

DNZ-2 250 mg from Bio-Tech also has the following possible uses and benefits:

  • Decreasing the symptoms of ADHD as well as learning and behavior problems in children
  • Increasing physical energy and oxygen efficiency
  • Improving muscle reflexes and athletic performance
  • Improving the function of red blood cells
  • Extending the life span
In addition, DNZ-2 250 mg from Bio-Tech has been used to help prevent skin aging spots and sagging skin.
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