D.L. Acidophilus + Pectin 250 caps by Douglas Labs

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D.L. Acidophilus + Pectin by Douglas Labs is designed to aid in the proper health of the digestive system. Pectin is a nutrient that is commonly found in the body, but it can be depleted after an illness or if there is not enough consumed through the diet. D.L. Acidophilus + Pectin by Douglas Labs is a supplement that can improve the digestive system by adding bulk to the stool. This means that there are more toxic substances being removed from the body as well as waste products that don't serve a purpose in the health of the body. Citrus pectin is often used in the development of D.L. Acidophilus + Pectin by Douglas Labs. This can boost the immune system. Good bacteria is promoted in the digestive tract while unhealthy bacteria is eliminated.

  • Gives a boost to the immune system
  • Maintains a healthy digestive system
  • Promotes balance of healthy bacteria in the stomach

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