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Cramp Bark is a liquid herbal supplement which Herb Pharm extracts from the Cramp Bark shrub that grows wild throughout the northern U.S. and southern Canada. Although its berries are often used for making ink, it is the bark of the Cramp Bark shrub, also known as the viburnum opulus tree, which is harvested in the early spring to extract its beneficial bioactive compounds. Cramp Bark has a long history of providing natural pain relief to eliminate tension, especially in the uterine area during a woman's menstrual cycle.

Many women like to keep a bottle of Cramp Bark 4 oz by Herb Pharm handy as a quick and natural herbal pain relief remedy when suffering cramps during their menstrual cycle. Its relaxant and anti-spasdmoic qualities have also proven to be helpful in eliminating the muscle cramp pain associated with diarrhea, spasmodic coughing, muscle strain, arthritis, high blood pressure and the bowel cramps associated with irritable bowel syndrome.

The Cramp Bark extract developed by Herb Pharm is an effective non-toxic herbal remedy that has both a mild sedative as well as diuretic effect. Many athletes rely on Cramp Bark extract to help to soothe sore and cramped muscles after an especially strenuous workout. For the relief of painful menstrual cramps, it is helpful to begin taking Cramp Bark at least 48 hours prior to the onset of cramping symptoms. Cramp Bark has been found to be equally effective at reducing the pain associated with urinary tract infections and pain during urination. And because Cramp Bark can reduce tension in the cardiac muscle as well as the connecting veins and arteries, it has benefit as a natural remedy to help lower high blood pressure.

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