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Coratin by Metagenics contains red yeast rice, plant sterols and and vitamin K2. Coratin by Metagenics is designed to help support a healthy cardiovascular system. The red yeast rice complements the plant sterols in Coratin by Metagenics. Both ingredients are used to help balance cholesterol levels while reinforcing the body's ability to remove waste and other problematic elements from the cardiovascular system. These health benefits are taken further by the introduction of vitamin K2, which is a vitamin derived from bacteria that helps the body catalyze a number of beneficial chemical reactions while preventing harmful ones.

Some of the benefits of taking Coratin from Metagenics includes:

  • Helping to keep LDL cholesterol levels lower
  • Keeping overall cholesterol levels reduced, which may help to promote a healthier heart and cardiovascular system
  • Plant sterols may help reduce inflammation, which can help make conditions like arthritis and chronic pain more manageable
  • Sterols can also hinder the intestines ability to absorb cholesterol to further help control cholesterol levels
  • Vitamin K2 can help prevent inflammation present in diets rich in trans fats and simple sugars, which may help with conditions like obesity and diabetes
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