CoQ10 with Tocotrienols 100 mg 60 gels by Allergy Research Group (DISCONTINUED)

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Although CoQ10 is a substance made naturally by the body, when a deficiency occurs due to poor dietary choices or other factors, high blood pressure, chest pain and heart disease can result. Studies have also proven that having adequate supplies of CoQ10 can help to prevent the loss of good vision as the body ages, in particular, macular degeneration that is age-related. Working with other antioxidants, CoQ10 also benefits the skin, eliminating fine wrinkles and helping to keep the skin more supple and youthful looking.

This Allergy Research Group formula includes Tocotrienols from the Vitamin E family, in a brown rice bran oil base, which provide important antioxidant action that counteracts the damaging effects that free radicals can cause in the body. Taking CoQ10 with Tocotrienols 100 mg as part of a daily regimen for good health can ensure that the body is being supplied with a sufficient amount of antioxidants in order to benefit the health of the heart, the eyes, the skin and the blood stream.

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