Cognitive Pro 60 vcaps by Gaia Herbs

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In this information age, the ability to think clearly is a definite advantage. Cognitive Pro by Gaia Herbs is an herbal dietary supplement designed to support such important cognitive functions of the brain as concentration, focus and clear thinking. The formula for Cognitive Pro by Gaia Herbs contains a blend of plant-based ingredients with antioxidant action that enables blood vessels to deliver an ongoing supply of oxygen-rich blood to brain cells. These include eleuthero root, wild oats milky seed, ginkgo root, fo-ti root, peppermint and gotu kola leaf.

Men and women who incorporate Cognitive Pro by Gaia Herbs into their daily dietary regimen can receive a variety of significant health benefits:

  • Supports proper cognitive functioning of the brain, including clear thinking, memory, concentration, alertness and focus.
  • Provides antioxidant protection to brain cells against oxidative stress caused by scavenging free radicals.
  • Helps to improve flow of oxygen-rich blood to the brain.
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