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Clear Heat 90 Tablets by Health Concerns is a Chinese herbal dietary supplement designed to promote strong lung and kidney function in addition to helping dissolve excess phlegm. Clear Heat by Health Concerns is a very beneficial supplement for those experiencing colds, headache, smoker's cough, low-grade fever and fatigue. Its powerful herbal formula helps to clear heat and toxins from the body and includes isatis, a strong antiviral herb, along with other herbs featuring antibacterial properties such as lonicera, oldenlandia, prunella, viola and andrographis.

Individuals who take Clear Heat by Health Concerns on a regular basis can enjoy a range of important health benefits:

  • Supports strong kidney and lung function.
  • Clears heat and toxins.
  • Aids in dissolving phlegm nodules that create congestion.
  • Aids in soothing smoker's cough, cold symptoms, fever, hives and headache pain.
  • Helps to eliminate feelings of fatigue.
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