Chlorella Plus 90 caps by Douglas Labs

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Chlorella Plus by Douglas Labs is a dietary supplement that is the perfect choice for boosting the immune system response. The key ingredient in Chlorella Plus by Douglas Labs is a type of algae found in both salt and fresh waters off the coasts of Taiwan and Japan known as chlorella, or Blue-Green Algae. This is supplemented by spirulina, another blue-green microalgae. Both are an excellent source of such nutrients vital to good health as fiber, carbohydrates and protein. Chlorella contains potent B-Vitamins as well as iron which helps to nourish the body's blood supply.

By taking Chlorella Plus by Douglas Labs as directed three times a day, individuals can enjoy a variety of health benefits:

  • Faster detoxification of the blood.
  • Promotes more efficient digestion of food.
  • Helps in maintaining healthy blood cells.
  • Aids in preventing inflammation in the body that causes pain and restricted movement.
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90 caps
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