Chelated Cal-Mag 180 tabs by Carlson Labs

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Calcium and magnesium are important minerals for creating healthy bones and blood vessels. Carlson Labs Chelated Cal-Mag has more than 20% of your recommended daily allowance of these two minerals. Here is why Carlson Labs Chelated Cal-Mag is beneficial.

Experts suggest that calcium and magnesium be added to your diet in a 2:1 ratio. One of the challenges of minerals is to receive the proper balance - your body may have problems storing certain minerals. Carlson Labs Chelated Cal-Mag achieves this with 200 mg of calcium and 100 mg of magnesium. Here are the benefits of these two minerals:

  • Healthy Bones
  • Healthy Teeth
  • Mineral Transportation
  • Natural Energy Production
  • Optimal Absorption

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