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When people experience high levels of stress, combined with poor dietary choices, an excess of candida, a fungal form of yeast, can begin building in the intestinal tract. Caprylate Plus  by Douglas Labs is a dietary supplement designed to restore a healthy balance of bacteria, yeast and fungi in both small and large intestines for optimal digestive health. The key ingredient in Caprylate Plus by Douglas Labs is an all-natural ingredient called Caprylic acid, one of the most beneficial fatty acids, along with a South American herb called Pau D'Arco. This herb has proven abilities to heal stomach upsets in addition to stabilizing the microflora in the intestines.

By taking Caprylate Plus by Douglas Labs as directed, there are several important health benefits that can be realized:

  • Helps regulate the complex balance of microorganism in the gut necessary for healthy digestion of foods.
  • Helps reduce or eliminate episodes of stomach distress and upsets.
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