Calcium Micro. Hydroxy 2000 mg 90 tabs by Douglas Labs

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This supplement by Douglas Labs is a excellent source of calcium. Each 2,000 mg dose of calcium microcrystalline hyrdoxyapatite contains 500 mg of calcium. Calcium Micro. Hydroxy 2000 mg also contains phosphorous, boron, amino acids, gylcosaminoglycans, and bone matrix proteins. This supplement can:

  • Promote bone regeneration
  • Improve bone density
  • Boost calcium levels

99 percent of the skeletal structure of the human body consists of elemental calcium. Since the skeleton is constantly deteriorating and reforming, humans require calcium in the form of food or supplements. Calcium Micro. Hydroxy 2000 mg allows the human body to quickly replenish calcium stores.

This supplement by Douglas Labs contains bioavailable ingredients, so the calcium contents are easily absorbed by the human body. The phosphorous in the supplement enables the skeletal structure to absorb about 90 percent of the calcium in each dose. This product may also support renal gland functions.

Some scientific studies suggest that Calcium Micro. Hydroxy 2000 mg can be used to improve bone density and calcium absorption in athletes and elderly people.

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