Cal/Mag Powder 419 gms by Metabolic Maintenance

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Calcium and magnesium are critical to both bone health and overall body health. Without these two vital nutrients, bones and organs weaken over time. Yet, some people do not get enough of these nutrients from their diets or suffer from various health conditions that regularly lower nutrient levels in their bodies. Cal/Mag Powder by Metabolic Maintenance is a safe, convenient solution designed to help people meet their daily dietary requirements:

  • The ingredients in Cal/Mag Powder by Metabolic Maintenance help the body build and maintain bones, cartilage, teeth and organs.
  • Magnesium also aids in strengthening bones.
  • Calcium and magnesium help improve and maintain the function of nerves and muscles.
  • The powdered form of Cal/Mag Powder by Metabolic Maintenance also makes it easier for people to consume these nutrients - especially people that have difficulty swallowing tablets and capsules.

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