Cal-Mag Citrate Effervescent 7.5 oz by Thorne Research

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Cal-Mag Citrate 7.5 oz by Thorne Research is a professional and high quality health supplement which features magnesium and calcium in an easily absorbable form. This supplement features effervescent qualities combined with a high dissociation constant to help with increasing mineral bio-availability.

  • powder reacts when mixed with water, resulting in formation of well-absorbed citrate, ascorbate, and glycinate minerals
  • provides a higher amount of calcium in a non-capsule form
  • a convenient way to supplement with high amounts of these minerals
  • has the added benefit of vitamin C

This health supplement offers citric acid and is designed to help with inhibiting calcium oxalate crystallization. Bone health relies on high calcium intake but to absorb calcium to its full capacity magnesium is needed to help.

Heat Sensitive Product
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7.5 oz (214 g) Powder