Cal-Mag 2:1 Plus D 120 tabs By Klaire Labs

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Cal-Mag 2:1 Plus D by Klaire Labs is a natural dietary supplement that may help menopausal women and others enjoy the benefits of optimal bone health and cardiovascular function. It is especially beneficial for those who are unable to meet their recommended daily allowances of calcium and magnesium. In addition to enhancing bone and cardiovascular health, Cal-Mag 2:1 Plus D by Klaire Labs may also:

  • Promote optimal muscle function
  • Reduce risk for chronic pain
  • Enhance excellent oral health
  • Promote brisk circulation to the internal organs

In addition to the above benefits, Cal-Mag 2:1 Plus D may also help men and women of all ages enjoy superior range-of-motion of the joints in the hands, while helping to promote healthy blood pressure, which may help reduce the risk for heart attack, stroke, and blood clots. This dietary supplement may also help boost immune function and may have a number of positive benefits to those suffering from mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, and a sad affect.

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120 tabs