Cal-6 + Mg 90 tabs by Douglas Labs

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Cal-6 + Mg by Douglas Labs is a supplement that consists of six calcium sources and magnesium. These ingredients are important components of the human skeletal system, so people may use Cal-6 + Mg to support their overall dental and bone health. This supplement can:

  • Promote bone regeneration
  • Protect against skeletal injuries
  • Promote calcium absorption
  • Maintain bone density

This product by Douglas Labs may also be a useful dietary supplement for people who have bone density problems. Humans who are aged 75 years or older can lose up to 60 percent of their bone density from natural causes. Several laboratory studies suggest that this supplement can delay these effects of aging. Cal-6 + Mg may also be useful for people who are recovering from bone fractures and other skeletal injuries. This supplement also contains vitamin-D, a component that allows the human body to rapidly absorb calcium.

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90 tabs