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One of the most important components in the human body is vitamin C. Although the body can’t produce this vitamin naturally, the nutrient is found in a few foods. Sold by Douglas Labs, the C-1000 1000 mg is an alternative source of vitamin C. Studies have shown that this supplement may potentially support a variety of health-related functions including

  • May promote a strong cardiovascular system
  • Can facilitate smooth iron absorption
  • May potentially increase mental clarity
  • C-1000 1000 mg from Douglas Labs may also prevent flu symptoms

Douglas Labs has developed C-1000 1000 mg supplement to potentially help users quickly raise their vitamin C levels. Some signs of vitamin C deficiency include dental abnormalities, weight loss, constant fatigue, mood changes, muscle aches, dry hair, excessive bruising, and infections. C-1000 1000 is also potentially recommended for those with an unbalanced diet.

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