Butcher's Broom 4 oz by Herb Pharm

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Butcher's Broom by Herb Pharm is a liquid herbal dietary supplement designed to support healthy cardiovascular and circulatory function. Herb Pharm uses the rhizome of Ruscus aculeatus plants that have been certified organically grown in their natural habitat to create the main extract featured in its Butcher's Broom supplement. Roots are dug out by hand every spring and autumn, then carefully shade-dried prior to the extraction process. This supplement is an ideal choice for individuals who suffer from varicose veins and other health issues caused by poor circulation.

Men and women who incorporate Butcher's Broom from Herb Pharm into their dietary routine on a regular basis can expect to receive a number of significant health benefits:

  • Supports healthy cardiovascular function.
  • Promotes healthy circulatory function.
  • Helps relieve leg pain caused by poor circulation.
  • Aids in alleviating symptoms related to chronic venous insufficiency, including cramping, itching, numbness, pain and heaviness.
  • Helps to tighten the blood vessels that form painful hemorrhoids, alleviating burning and itching.
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