BSV Shaker Bottle 17 oz.

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Designed by Blue Sky Vitamin, this 3 in 1 shaker bottle is available in blue, green, black, white or red! These shaker bottles are approximately 17 oz. (500 mL), eco-friendly, BPA-free, anti-slip design with measurements on the body cup and features a screw on lid with a self sealing inner plug to avoid as much leakage as possible. From mixing protein shakes, smoothies or liquid supplements, these shaker bottles can be used to mix almost anything and can be used as a water bottle as well!

Each shaker bottle comes with 4 parts that are easily customized for use, featuring:

  • A compact and easy to use shaker bottle that can hold up to 17 oz. (500 mL) and is available in 5 stylish colors: blue, green, black, white or red.

  • 2 interlocking storage caps that are easy to attach and detach from the main shaker bottle. These 2 storage caps can be completely removed from the main shaker bottle, are attachable to one another, or can be used individually. These storage caps provide a convenient way for users to store extra protein powder, vitamins, supplements, snacks, small personal items or whatever is convenient!

  • Each shaker bottle comes with a pill tray organizer, divided into 3 sections. The pill tray fits easily into either storage caps.

  • To help provide a smooth consistency for protein shakes, a whisker mixer net is also included! Simply add the liquid of choice, protein powder or ingredients into the shaker bottle and shake! The whisker mixer net will help keep ice, fruits and clumps from blocking the bottle nozzle.

  • All parts included in each shaker bottle - the 2 storage cups, the pill tray and the whisker mixer net - can fit into the shaker bottle, making it easy to store away when not in use.

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17 oz. Bottle