Bronchial Cough 100 tabs by Hylands

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Bronchial Cough by Hylands is a homeopathic remedy designed to support the reduction of mucous production that often leads to bronchial coughing. Hylands uses three active homeopathic ingredients to produce its Bronchial Cough formula, including rumex crispus, sanguinaria canadensis, and kali bichromicum. This remedy is perfect for keeping handy on the shelf prior to the winter cold and flu season that often stimulates that uncomfortaqble tickling sensation in the throat associated with bronchial coughs and infection. Each tablet is designed for fast dissolving on the tongue for rapid absorption into the blood.

Men, women and children ages 12 and older who take Bronchial Cough from Hylands as directed can expect to experience a range of significant health benefits:

  • Promotes reduced mucous production and relief from symptoms of coughs due to colds.
  • Aids in soothing bronchial passages to reduce congestion.
  • Helps alleviate uncomfortable tickling in the throat.
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