HepaGlycyrrhizic 4 oz. by Bezwecken

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Your liver works hard to metabolize the food you ingest and to rid your body of toxins. If we go too long eating an unhealthy diet with lots of fatty, fried, or sugary foods, too many toxins can accumulate and the liver gets overworked. Alcohol consumption and injury can also add to the stress on the liver making it harder to do its job effectively. Give your liver the support it needs to process toxins efficiently. HepaGlycyrrhizic by Bezwecken contains a blend of powerful liver-supporting ingredients. Glycyrrhizin,  L-Cysteine, and glycine work together to strengthen the liver and protect it from toxic overload. Bezweckens HepaGlycyrrhizic is a vegetarian, lactose-free, and gluten-free formula.

The benefits of taking HepaGlycyrrhizic may include:

  • Support for a healthy liver
  • Promotes healthy liver enzyme levels
  • Increased glutathione levels to aid in liver detoxification
  • Support for liver repair after injury
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