Advanced Inflammation Support 120 vcap by Klaire Labs

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Using a comprehensive formula of multi-modal ingredients, it combines ingredients used for many years in Korea and China to create just the right balance of inflammatory response. One of the main ingredients is stephania tetandra root extract, which has been shown to suppress various inflammatory cytokines such as interleukin-6, which has been linked with elevated levels of C-reactive protein. To protect against noise-induced stress, the holy basil leaf extract contains natural COX-2 inhibition properties, and along with Ginger and Boswellia serrate gum extract work to support optimal inflammatory modulation.

A combination of ingredients are used to help with the inflammatory balancing effects of the inflammation supplement. Nettle leaf, green tea and luteolin have been used in Asian medicine for many years, and are thought to help provide balanced responses to inflammation. For those people who are seeking help regarding inflammation and the body's response to it, these inflammatory tablets may provide some relief.

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120 vcaps