4 Copper Trace Minerals 2 oz By BodyBio

by BodyBio
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4 Copper Trace Minerals 2 oz by BodyBio is a dietary supplement designed to support normal growth and the body's efficient use of iron, as well as promote healthy tissues, hair and eyes. 4 Copper Trace Minerals 2 oz by BodyBio features the mineral copper, stored mostly in the muscle and bones. Having a deficiency of this essential mineral can cause anemia. Copper also serves as an important component in an array of enzymatic functions vital to good health.

Men and women who take 4 Copper Trace Minerals 2 oz by BodyBio on a daily basis as directed can expect to experience a range of important health benefits:

  • Enhances the absorption of iron.
  • Promotes collagen stability for healthy hair and tissues.
  • Helps prevent free radical damage caused to cellular DNA structure.
  • Aids in preventing anemia.
  • Helps to regulate proper heart rhythm.
  • Helps to prevent osteoporosis and symptoms of arthritis.
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