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Nasal Guardian - NaturaNectar Nasal Guardian - 1 fl oz Spray Nasal Guardian - 1 fl oz Spray
Nasal Guardian - NaturaNectar

Nasal Guardian - 1 fl oz Spray

Product Code: NNE0106
Brand: NaturaNectar
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Product Description

NaturaNectar Nasal Guardian™

NaturaNectar Nasal Guardian™ Spray can provide relief to your nose and sinuses. The primary ingredient for this spray is the Sven Salomon version of Propolis. Propolis is derived from bee hives and has been used for millennia because of its safe, potent, cleansing properties.

When bees make their hives, they use the substance propolis as a coating material. This can keep the bee hive sterile. Here are the primary ingredients for the NaturaNectar Nasal Guardian™ Spray:

  • Citric Acid
  • Potassium Salt
  • Propolis Water Extract
  • Purified Water
  • Sea Salt

PWE Propolis Blend

The NaturalNectar brand has created the special Propolis Water Extract (PWE) blend by using Brazilian bees as its source. There are no chemicals used during extraction, so you can be assured that your substance is as pure as can be. This brand tries to keep out any dangerous additives, which is safe for vegetarians. Gently cleanse out your nasal passage with the organic Brazilian bee aromatic aid. This spray is an isotonic solution that is safe for users over the age of 2 years old.

The NaturaNectar nasal spray is derived from ancient herbal blends with the modern form having been used in Scandinavia for more than two decades. Get the nasal relief you need with the safe organic spray from NaturaNectar. This is a fast acting and effective nasal spray which removes the irritants and nasal pollutants easily with a comforting spray bottle.

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