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Tonicsea, Mag Calm Pro 10 oz Mag Calm Pro 10 oz by Tonicsea Mag Calm Pro 10 oz by Tonicsea
Tonicsea, Mag Calm Pro 10 oz

Mag Calm Pro 10 oz by Tonicsea

Product Code: ND00137
Brand: TonicSea
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Product Description

Supports Proper Stress Management and Relaxation

Mag Calm Pro includes a highly bioavailable citrate salt form of magnesium. Many magnesium supplements rely on an inferior form – called magnesium oxide – which is poorly absorbed by the body. Thus, more of the magnesium found in Mag Calm Pro actually gets put to use in the body.

For individuals who don’t consume sufficient amounts of magnesium through diet, constipation, muscle cramps, dehydration, and feelings of weakness may arise. Research suggests that magnesium citrate supplementation can help restore low magnesium status in adults, thereby helping to alleviate symptoms caused by low magnesium concentrations.

Continuing on, L-theanine is included in Mag Calm Pro as research shows it to be effective for stress support (relaxation) and promotion of cognitive function. L-theanine is readily taken up into the brain upon oral ingestion, and acts to alter brainwave production (specifically by increasing alpha waves in the brain).

Finally, the vitamin C found in Mag Calm Pro can help support immune function and reduce oxidative stress, both of which are imperative for overall health.

The benefits of Mag Calm Pro by Tonicsea supplementation may include:

  • Support proper stress management and relaxation
  • Help maintain healthy bowel function
  • Support the immune system
  • Help keep hydrated and avoid muscle cramps

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