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Tonicsea, Liposomal C 4 fl oz Liposomal C 4 fl oz by Tonicsea Liposomal C 4 fl oz by Tonicsea
Tonicsea, Liposomal C 4 fl oz

Liposomal C 4 fl oz by Tonicsea

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Brand: TonicSea
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Product Description

Liposomal C by TonicSea is an advanced liquid nutritional supplement that uses liposomal technology to deliver pure vitamin C to the body.
If you’re busy at the office or lecture hall all day and don’t eat much fruit and vegetables, chances are you’re lacking vitamin C. Studies suggest that deficiency of vitamin C increases risk of depression, accelerates neurodegeneration, and suppresses cognitive function.

Thankfully, through liposomal biotechnology, TonicSea Liposomal C can help support immune function, and reduce oxidative stress by efficiently delivering vitamin C to your body. Research suggests that supplemental vitamin C is effective for supporting healthy cortisol rhythms and cognitive function.

What is Liposomal technology? Liposomal technology is an advanced means of transporting active nutrients to your body via liposomes.

TonicSea Liposomal C is a liquid formula that harnesses the power of revolutionary liposomal nanotechnology to deliver pure vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to the body. Humans are not able to synthesize vitamin C endogenously like various animals can; thus, it must be consumed as part of your diet/supplement regimen.

TonicSea liposomal supplements are liquid form and simple to dose. You can take them straight, with water, or add them to your favorite juice/drink.

To summarize, the most pertinent research-backed benefits of supplementation with Liposomal C may include:

  • Support regulating oxidative stress and immune function
  • Support cognitive function and neuronal integrity
  • Help support collagen synthesis
  • Support healthy cortisol balance

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