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Immune Guardian by NaturaNectar Immune Guardian - 30 Capsules Immune Guardian - 30 Capsules
Immune Guardian by NaturaNectar

Immune Guardian - 30 Capsules

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Brand: NaturaNectar
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Product Description

NaturaNectar Immune Guardian™

There are many colds, maladies and ailments that can weaken your body and leave you feeling horrible. Immune Guardian™ works with your body's natural white blood cells to help you fight off a variety of illnesses. NaturaNectar Immune Guardian™ uses Salomon Propolis™ to give you the protection you need all year long. 

Improve your immune system using a truly global blend combining bees from Brazil and science from Scandinavia to create a first-class organic formula. This blend uses the trademarked FLAV-M substance to improve your body's defenses.

Natural Immune Support

Propolis is a flavonoid plant resin used by honeybees to make their unique hives. Bees take the sap from evergreens and mix it with their own secretions and beeswax to create their hives. The hives have their temperature and humidity levels regulated by this propolis substance. The substance is well-known for helping create clean, sterile environments. For this reason, propolis continues to be studied for it's natural health properties. Due to the active compound of Caffeic Acid phenethyl ester (CAPE), which can be only found in bee propolis, this substance has a mass array of unique health benefits. CAPE has shown signs of both anti-inflammation and anti-carcinogenic properties.

The best thing about propolis is that it can be easily digested and even used in your mouth to deal with bleeding gums. This element fights the bacteria that can collect in your nose, throat and stomach. Because it is a natural substance, it will work with your body's internal immune system to fight diseases.

Key Treatments

In fact, the Egyptians, Assyrians and Greeks have all used the propolis element to cure and treat a variety of ailments. They have discovered the benefits of an herb that is safe to ingest and very potent. NaturaNectar Immune Guardian™ can be used for the following:

  • Immune System
  • Mouth Cleansing
  • Respiratory Health

When you want to feel your best, why not trust the substance that creates the bee hives' clean, sterile environment? Propolis can propel your immune system into hyper drive.

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